News Update 2021-02-08

Table of Contents 1. 2021-02-06: Andrews government plan for prisoners to pick fruit shot down by farmers 2. 2021-02-06: Australia records no new local Covid cases as Victoria makes hotel quarantine changes | Health | The Guardian 3. 2021-02-06: Coronavirus Australia: NSW to test returned travellers after hotel quarantine 4. 2021-02-06: Coronavirus Victoria: State government … Continue reading News Update 2021-02-08

The evolution of international arrival Hotel Quarantine caps

There have been some problems with logging in to this wordpress blog, and I get locked out of this site from time to time. The lack of support to free tiers from does not make the situation any better. As it gets harder to regain access, I will post updates on the github repo … Continue reading The evolution of international arrival Hotel Quarantine caps

News Update 2021-02-06

Table of Contents 1. 2021-02-03: ‘We have 24 buildings available to help with student coronavirus quarantine’, says accommodation industry 2. 2021-02-04: Airconditioning not behind Grand Chancellor cluster: Qld Health Minister 3. 2021-02-04: Australia's borders could open sooner if coronavirus vaccines prevent transmission, Scott Morrison and Brendan Murphy say - ABC News 4. 2021-02-04: Coronavirus Qld: … Continue reading News Update 2021-02-06

News Update 2021-01-31

Table of Contents 1. 2021-01-28: Australian Open tennis players leave quarantine as those remaining express frustration | Australian Open | The Guardian 2. 2021-01-28: The parent trap undone: government allows visas to be granted to applicants within Australia | Australian immigration and asylum | The Guardian 3. 2021-01-29: Double blow: new data breach hits stranded … Continue reading News Update 2021-01-31

About Lucky Country Syndrome

This blog is being renamed from Stranded Aussies Blog to Lucky Country Syndrome. There are multiple reasons for this change: This blog is about stranded Aussies, not by a collective of strand Aussies. "Stranded Aussies Blog" sounds like the latter.This blog is not to be confused with or Changing the name makes the … Continue reading About Lucky Country Syndrome

News Update 2021-01-27

Table of Contents 1. 2021-01-25: George Brandis flies home from UK for holiday while thousands of Australians remain stuck overseas | George Brandis | The Guardian 2. 2021-01-25: Scott Morrison defends George Brandis’s Queensland holiday 3. 2021-01-26: Australia has suspended the New Zealand travel bubble. What's happening? And why did it take just one case … Continue reading News Update 2021-01-27